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Announcing the launch of Vision Adventures!

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XL Vision Villas is excited to announce its involvement in the launch of Vision Adventures, led by Roger James Hamilton and his team in Bali. XL Vision Villas is located 5 minutes from the Bali Safari and within 45 minutes of all Bali’s best adventures, including the Elephant Park, Bali Zoo, Monkey Forest, White Water Rafting, Volcano Climbing, Mountain Biking, Scuba Diving and the many adventures that bring out the best of Bali.

Roger Hamilton said “Vision Adventures is launching as a guide for the conscious adventurer – the individuals and families who want a meaningful holiday where they can have fun with inspiring experiences, and make a difference on the way. All of Vision Adventure’s packages include a contribution to a cause in Bali to give back to the island that gives visitors so much.”

Vision Adventures is partnering with the many adventure attractions close by, and including hassle-free transport, accommodation, and exceptional service for adventurers. Roger Hamilton is founder of XL Vision Villas, and with its new role as the base for Vision Adventures, the resort has become Bali’s Centre of Adventure.

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