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Are you looking for a few memorable tours and adventures during your stay at Vision Villas? We have a new concierge service called Vision Adventures that’s just the ticket! Vision Adventures’ guide – found in every villa guest room and at the front desk – guarantees having the time of your life in Bali! Vision  [ Read More ]

This December, XL Vision Villas plays host to the parents of the Senior Green SuperCamp, taking place at the Green School in Bali. The senior camp takes place from 17th to 23rd December and is for students from 14 to 18 years old. It is a joint venture between Green School, Bali and SuperCamp, USA.  [ Read More ]

Vision Villas sits in the centre of Bali’s adventure playground. This year, Vision Adventures began as the resort’s adventure desk, providing recommendations on the very best spots to experience Bali at its most inspiring and extreme. Opened six years ago by Renate and Roger Hamilton, the resort has established itself as a workshop retreat. Since  [ Read More ]

Following the success of Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics Academy with Topher Morrison, everyone is now looking forward to the next entrepreneur event at XL Vision Villas. Roger Hamilton will be hosting the Wealth Dynamics Master in October for entrepreneurs who are ready to take apart their business plan and redesign at a higher level. As  [ Read More ]

Announcing the launch of Vision Adventures!

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XL Vision Villas is excited to announce its involvement in the launch of Vision Adventures, led by Roger James Hamilton and his team in Bali. XL Vision Villas is located 5 minutes from the Bali Safari and within 45 minutes of all Bali’s best adventures, including the Elephant Park, Bali Zoo, Monkey Forest, White Water  [ Read More ]

The John Fawcett Foundation Charity Evening

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Recently Roger James Hamilton and his wife, Renate, hosted the Variety Club’s charity night in support of the John Fawcett Foundation. The event included well-known cabaret performers who flew in from Australia and the Green School Marimba Band. Roger Hamilton said of the event “It was fantastic to welcome John Fawcett back to Vision Villas  [ Read More ]