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Telp : +62 361 950720    Email : info@xlvisionvillas.com

Vision Villas sits in the centre of Bali’s adventure playground. This year, Vision Adventures began as the resort’s adventure desk, providing recommendations on the very best spots to experience Bali at its most inspiring and extreme.

Opened six years ago by Renate and Roger Hamilton, the resort has established itself as a workshop retreat. Since the launch of the Bali Safari Park five minutes away from the resort, the area has seen a big influx of adventure seekers who are looking for more than a beach holiday in Bali.

Roger Hamilton is a serial entrepreneur with a number of enterprises, and Vision Adventures is the latest that he has launched in, with the support of John and Roz Abbott. At the resort, you will now find the Top 20 Adventures in Bali to choose from, ideal for everyone from families to nature-lovers to thrill-seekers.

You can also find out more about the founder of the resort, Roger James Hamilton, and his passion for education and the environment at www.rogerjameshamilton.com

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