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This December, XL Vision Villas plays host to the parents of the Senior Green SuperCamp, taking place at the Green School in Bali. The senior camp takes place from 17th to 23rd December and is for students from 14 to 18 years old. It is a joint venture between Green School, Bali and SuperCamp, USA.

This camp brings the very best of environmental education and accelerated learning in the world. Roger Hamilton, owner of XL Vision Villas with his wife Renate and investors from XL Nation, will be hosting parents of the students attending the camp at XL Vision Villas while the students stay on the Green School  Campus for the camp.

Roger Hamilton is also the person who brought Green School and Green SuperCamp together. His two daughters attend Green School, and both were at the Junior Green SuperCamp in July. Following the success of that, the Senior Green SuperCamp is now taking place with over 60 students flying in from around the world, and a second Junior Green SuperCamp will take place in July 2012.

“There is only every one first time, and this is the first time that the Senior Green SuperCamp has been run. It will be a fantastic event, with SuperCamp flying in their facilitators from the USA, and with a world class crew flying in from around the region. If you have a teenager who could benefit from the best learning skills in the world, and a renewed sense of responsibility and excitement for the life they have ahead of them, come join us this December.” – Roger James Hamilton

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