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The John Fawcett Foundation Charity Evening

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Recently Roger James Hamilton and his wife, Renate, hosted the Variety Club’s charity night in support of the John Fawcett Foundation. The event included well-known cabaret performers who flew in from Australia and the Green School Marimba Band.

Roger Hamilton said of the event “It was fantastic to welcome John Fawcett back to Vision Villas for this event. His entire team was fantastic, and the event raised over $20,000 for the foundation. It was also brilliant to see our daughter perform as part of the Green School Marimba Band. It is events like this that make us so pleased we created this space for magic to happen.”

Marcia Martin will be joining Roger Hamilton in October at Vision Villas for the Transformational Leadership Summit, when change makers and thought leaders will be flying in from around the world for four days of inspiration, connection and contribution.

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